Martian Tripod Steampunk Walker — 25-28mm (Item # MW001)

Martian Walker

This is a 25-58mm model of a Martian Tripod Walker with a steampunk feel inspired by H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”. Each leg is articulated with three joints and the body has a removable top so that miniatures can be placed inside. This model is immense! Strike terror into the hearts of the other players at the table!

Dimensions are hard to come up with as there are just too many positions to make measuring feasible, but if you look in some of the pictures below you will see a Warhammer 40K Space Marine for comparison’s sake. As I said, it’s immense!

Plastic and Foam
$180 CAD + shipping (comes assembled and painted) — Legs and ray gun are plastic, body parts are foam.

(Shipping will be determined at the time of the order and will be agreed upon before the order is confirmed.)

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