Large Stone Tower — 25-28mm (Item # TW001)

Full Tower

This is a 25-28mm foam building with seven pieces that can create many different construction combinations.

Each floor has room for multiple 25-28 mm miniatures inside.

As with all of Foxhole Design’s foam models, it is durable, flexible, and very light.

The approximate dimensions of the tower in the format you see to the left is:

16″ high x 6″ diameter
(40 cm x 15 cm diameter)

$110 CAD + shippingpainted
(colours will be agreed upon before they are painted)

(shipping will be determined at the time of the order and will be agreed upon before the order is confirmed)

Planned future additions for this model include: a lighthouse, a windmill, and a Martello Tower roof.

The seven pieces included with this model are: the tower base, an upper tower section (with 6 firing slits/windows), an upper tower section (with 4 firing slits/windows), a ruined upper tower section, a tower roof with parapets, and a two-piece tower roof in a wizard’s tower style.

There are many different way that you can put this tower together, making it very versatile for your gaming needs.

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