Large Brick Row Building — 25-28mm (Item # RB001)

25-28mm Row House - Primed but not painted - Peaked roof style 25-28mm Row House - Primed but not painted - Flat roof style

** Not currently available. **

This is a 25-28mm three-storey building with removable levels and roof. There is plenty of room inside for many 25-28mm miniatures. All of the windows (except those in the roof dormers) have window panes and are open.

There are two different roof styles. The peaked roof on the left gives the impression of an older (perhaps medieval) building style. The flat roof on the right tends to suggest more modern construction.

Approximate Dimensions: 7″ long x 5″ wide x 2 1/2″ high per level (5 1/2″ for peaked roof, 1 1/4″ for flat roof)
So, the assembled peaked roof version is 13″ tall and the flat roof version is 8 1/4″ tall.

Plastic (with a foam peaked roof)
$70 CAD + shipping (includes ground level, two upper levels and both roof styles)
+$5 for primed and ready to paint (normally it is bare resin)
+$20 for painted (colours will be agreed upon before they are painted), includes matte varnish

(shipping will be determined at the time of the order and will be agreed upon before the order is confirmed)


(If you do not want both roof styles, a discount can be arranged.)


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