1960s London Police Box — True 25mm (Item # PB001P/F)

1960s London Police Box - Bare Resin and Painted Versions

This is a true-25mm single-piece model. (Note, this is true 25mm, so it may seem small compared to current 28mm figures.)

Approximate Dimensions: 1″ long x 1″ wide x 1 3/4″ high


Plastic (PB001P)
$6 CAD + shipping
+$1 CAD for primed and ready to paint (normally it is bare resin)
+$3 CAD for primed and painted (laser printed decals included), includes coat of matte varnish

Foam (PB001F)
$3 CAD + shipping
+$3 CAD for painted (laser printed decals included)

(shipping will be determined at the time of the order and will be agreed upon before the order is confirmed)

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