Aug 31, 2014 – What I painted this week

This week was a little slower than last week. There were only a couple of projects for myself.

First, since you can never have enough miniatures for Zombicide, I painted up a bunch of berserker zombies from the Zombicide Set #3: Angry Zombies.

Zombicide - Berserkers 1

Zombicide - Berserkers 2

Zombicide - Berserkers 3

The second project was finally painting a squad of Braineaters from Dust Tactics that I picked up a few months ago. I guess they could go with the Jagdluther I painted last week, but really I just wanted some Nazi zombies.

Dust Tactics - Braineaters 1

Dust Tactics - Braineaters 4

Dust Tactics - Braineaters 2

Dust Tactics - Braineaters 3

Hello, my name is Kevin and I’m a Zombiholic. 🙂



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