Things I’ve painted this week

I’ve been busy with painting this week.

First, I painted a Haqqislam Starter Set from Infinity: The Game for one client. He wanted nonstandard colours so they could be used as PCs and NPCs in his weekly Shadowrun game.

Inifinty - Haqqislam Starter  3

Inifinty - Haqqislam Starter  5

Next, I painted the Protectorate of Menoth’s Renik in all his glory riding in his chariot. My client, just like the last one, wanted this Warmachine miniature from Privateer Press painted in nonstandard colours. I think the change from his typical white makes him look even more frightening.

Warmachine - Reznik Chariot 1

Warmachine – Reznik and chariot

Warmachine - Reznik Chariot  4

Warmachine – Reznik and chariot

Warmachine - Reznik Chariot  2

Warmachine – Reznik and chariot

Warmachine - Reznik Chariot  3

Warmachine – Reznik and chariot

Next, for myself, I modified a Jagdluther from Dust Tactics from Fantasy Flight Games by adding a hatch and a Nazi officer from one of my Bolt Action panzers. I then painted it in a World War II German panzer ambush camouflage pattern and decorated the base. I thought it would go nicely with the Nazi zombies I have for Achtung Cthulhu! Leave it to a Nazi to step on the flowers with his mech. 🙂

Dust Tactics - Jagdluther 1

Dust Tactics - Jagdluther 2

Dust Tactics - Jagdluther 3

Dust Tactics - Jagdluther 4

And last, but not least, I finally received the a 1:50 scale Hot Wheels Mystery Machine. I happily modified it to go along with my post-apocalyptic Scooby Gang that I posted about last week. I have to thank the “ConfusedDad’s Mental Wanderings” blog for the inspiration.

Mystery Machine 1

Mystery Machine  2

Mystery Machine  3

Mystery Machine  4

Mystery Machine  5

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