Website updates and new projects

Hello all,

My apologies for not updating the website in a while. Things have been busy, which is good. 🙂

I do promise to have the catalogue updated within the next few days, but as a preview of some new projects I’ve been working on, here are some details:

New building
I’ve designed a new bunker for my 25-28mm line.

Square Bunker 8

The bunker comfortably fits several figures and has firing slits on three sides and a removable roof. It will be priced at $38.00 for a plastic model.

New painting projects

Aside from painting for several clients, I have also taken some time to paint some figures of my own. I’ve done some World War II Canadians, Germans and French from the Warlord Games Bolt Action line of miniatures. I’ve also painted up some cowboys that have been sitting on a shelf for a while now. On the go at the moment, I have some Warmachine miniatures from Privateer Press and some US Marines from the Bolt Action line. Here are some photos of some of the completed miniatures.

As well, some exciting news!

I’ve been playing around with other materials to make my building models out of and have come upon a flexible foam that works very well. It’s strong enough that the buildings look exactly the same as the originals, but they are far lighter. Not only does this save on shipping costs, but it brings down the price of each model by 35-40%! The people that I have asked to inspect and play with the models have approved unanimously. Not only are they lighter, but they can be dropped and can even be crushed and bent without worry about them breaking. In a pinch, they can even be used as impromptu cases to store and transport miniatures in. I’m very excited about these new foam buildings and hope you are too! (I’d include some pictures, but they look exactly the same as the original buildings, so you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from a photo.)

Of course, the original plastic buildings will continue to be available.

I will update the catalogue shortly with all of the new prices for the foam buildings and the new buildings as well.



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