Update — New 25-28mm Modular Medieval Building and New Painting Projects

New Building Model

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of my new building design up for some time now. And here it is!

It’s a modular building wither re-arrangeable steps and smaller extensions from the main building. All three roofs are removable with plenty of room inside for figures. With the large main building (with removable roof), the two small building extensions (with removable roofs) and four sets of steps, there are 15 possible permutations that this building can be set up in, making it very flexible for your tabletop gaming. In all, it comes with 10 pieces.

I will have it up in my resin model catalogue soon. If you just can’t wait to order it, it’s model number MMB-001 and it has a price of $65.00 CAD for the model fully painted.  As well, if you order two, I will throw in a special building segment that allows you to connect the two models together, giving you literally thousands of possible combinations.


Latest Painting Projects

I will get some pictures up soon of the latest miniatures that I have painted. They include Bolt Action WWII Canadian and German troops.

As well, I picked up a copy of Guillotine Games’ “Zombicide” and couldn’t resist painting the very cool miniatures that came with the game. All 71 of them!

As I said, I will post pictures of these figures in the very near future.





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