New Photos

There are new photos of both new and old projects in the 25mm Miniature Painting Gallery, the Battlefield Terrain Gallery and the Resin Models Gallery.

The Battlefield Terrain and Resin Models pages have also been updated.

Just a word about some of the photos that have been posted:

Pirate VillageThis is a pirate village that I created a couple of years ago. There are a bunch of jungle pieces of varying sizes that go along with it. There’s even a big Mayan pyramid. More pictures will be coming soon.







Large Stone Church - Resin Model - 25-28mmI haven’t painted the church yet, but I will have it completed in the next day or two. When I do, I will post the photos of the finished product.





Small Building - Resin Model - 25-28mmLike the church, I haven’t had a chance to paint the small building yet. I will post the photos as soon as it is painted.


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